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OsteoPraxis is private physiotherapy clinic in the small town of Paris, Ontario.

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We developed the name, OsteoPraxis, in an attempt to communicate the philosophy of the practice, we believe that the body is a functional unit, that structure governs function and that the body has an inherent ability to heal itself if given the right environment.

We also wanted to avoid confusion for anybody looking for a traditional physiotherapy approach, which is why we opted not to include the word ‘Physiotherapy’ in the title. (Unlike many traditional clinics we do not offer ultrasound, hot packs, electrical modalities or exercise programs supervised by kineseologists)

We specialize in structural diagnosis and use advanced level soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques to assist the body in the healing process. Treatment is based on the relationship the structures and systems of the body have with each other and the effect they have on the overall function of the person.   Where necessary we recommend the services of rehabilitation exercise specialists to work with exercise programs in the clients home or in their local gym.  (Information)


To contact us call 519 442 3165

Or fax 519 442 3165

Or drop by 34 Dumfries Street, Paris Ontario, N3L 2C8

Send a note to me at mho.macfarlane@osteopraxis.com


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